Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Loving through it

This picture was taken by the very talented Rachel fellig & Scrapped by the also very talented Faygie Fellig
To see more of this incredible Mother Daughter Team click on their names. So appropriate for this post :-)

Before Oct, most commonly known as breast cancer awareness month ends I just wanted to take a moment.
To be grateful, and give thanks for my very own survivor; my Mom.
You are my rock and strength always I thank GD for giving you your strength and courage to survive, to go forward and for loving me through it.

I am not going to write very much in this post. There just aren't enough words, but you can watch this video in honor of all of the survivors and about to be survivors out there. It hits the spot.

Ma Love You A Bushel & A Peck


  1. words could never be enough to describe you. My dear dear special girl in my life. Love you a bushel and a peck.

  2. I'm so happy to be part of your lives. forever and ever...