Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Giving Love In A Family Dose

I noticed something recently, tell me if you noticed the same...

As we grow up and move on in years we accumulate many different hats.
We become students, employees or bosses. We become aunts, uncles, cousins and parents. We make new friends, we re connect with old friends. We become home owners, cooks, cleaners, and party organizers. ETC. ETC. ETC...

Somehow while we are doing all of this we manage to keep our old hats on pretty tight.
When I am home I am a wife and mother of three, I know how to care for my children, husband and home.
Yet as I walk through my mother's front door, it's an instant shot of amnesia.
My old hats suddenly replace the new and I become my parent's child and my siblings big sister.
POOF like magic. I can't do anything myself.
It's all " I don't know Ma what do you think" or messing around with my siblings while my children have asked me for the same thing three times.

I eventually remember of course that while in my parents house I am a child and sister I am also still a mother and wife.

That is the amazing part. How are we so many people at the same time?
We may be better at some relationships or jobs over others, but at the end of the day we are different people to everyone in our lives.
We spend all day, week, month, year and life switching hats.

It doesn't matter how much aggravation, happiness, sadness or love our lives bring.
You'll always be your mother's baby, father's little girl, big or little sister, niece, cousin and grandchild.
While still being your children's mother, husband's wife, friend's friend.
Somehow our hearts and brains stretch enough to fit this array of hats.

So tell the people in your life you love them cause honey they don't go anywhere, sometime they just need to switch hats :-)