Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away...Come again when my kids are grown up!

Yesterday was a grey rainy day in Miami. A day for a dark room, PJS, your favorite sweater, a bed and book/TV.

AHHH a girl can dream can't she... Until you snap to it and realize your husband is at work, oldest child is ready for lunch, your trouble maker has tuna all over herself and the baby is just not satisfied.
Rain just isn't what it use to be...

It isn't what it use to be it is still a rainy day so I still stay inside, I still stayed in my PJS and I let the kids watch videos without any guilt what so ever that I should be out and about with them. I did not come up with a creative project to keep them busy. We just hung out did nothing, they rested, ate, and asked me a zillion and a half questions about the world as they know it.

So I really can't complain I relaxed and didn't move all that much.
It's funny how the definition of relax seems to evolve. I didn't sleep, couldn't stay sitting for too long needing to get up and get someone something on a constant basis, but it was most definitely a down time kind of a day.

So yes I had a successful rain day, but I can promise you one day rain will once again be about laying in a dark room and not moving.
One day, but not any time soon ;)

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  1. If it took till there was Tuna on the Z's face, to realize your husband was @ work... then it was an easy morning