Saturday, April 13, 2013

echoing through eternity!

Words...we use them all day long, we use them when we are happy, sad, mad, frustrated etc. Sometimes we plan them carefully and sometimes we shoot them off as they come. Sometimes we use them wisely and sometimes we wish we could take them back. Words may just be our most powerful tool, but how often do we really think of how important they are. How often does it occur to us that our words may just echo through eternity. My grandmother passed away when I was a baby, but I have always felt as if I knew her because all my life I have been told by my mother of things she use to say. Her touch, her smell, her laugh are not things that anyone can share with me, but her words are with our family always those of us who knew her and even those who did not. We say things all the time that have no meaning. I can't remember half of the things I say... I say things to my children and sometimes immediately think "OH NO, how much is that going to cost me in therapy" Why don't we guard our words more carefully or try to say things to our children more often that will keep them out of therapy. My grandfather would always say to me " ask me my opinion now, because one day you'll want to and I won't be here to give it to you" How right he turned out to be. There are so many moments when I wish I could ask him for his thoughts, I may not always have liked what I heard, but what I wouldn't give to hear it again. I am so fortunate that he left me so many words to remember him by. He said "gd be with you" instead of goodbye. He said Shema out loud every time he walked into his house and kissed the mezuza. Any time one of us grandchildren were acting up or irritating our parents, he would look to the parent, his child and say, " This is my revenge." Now that I have a 20 month old mega mischievous child who is constantly getting into trouble I frequently find my self rather than getting upset smiling and saying ok Abuelo I get it...this is your revenge. His words stay with me daily and keep him close to my heart. The greatest present or worst harm we can do is with our words. So here's to being inspired and blessed to have the right words at the right time, words that will be with our children and grandchildren when we cannot.