Monday, October 24, 2011

Learning Torah & coloring...

We plan and gd laughs ... who hasn't said this once or 10,000 times.

We have such good intentions with our limited time. We schedule ourselves in such a way that we can accomplish one task for a whole day and feel successful.
I.E. Monday I will pay the bills, Tuesday I will clean out the closets and get rid of the clothes that doesn't fit the kids, Wednesday I will do a mommy and me and Thursday back to the grocery store.

When what really happens is... Sunday at some point before dawn you have a vomiting child, by Monday another one has fever and something in the house malfunctions out of nowhere. On Wednesday your husband calls from work to say he feels miserable.
Therefore by the time Thursday rolls around you feel like a wet mop and your lucky if you can even get yourself dressed.

On one of these weeks,
as you desperately try to figure out how a week which was suppose to be so super productive has turned into a week where not one of your plans has come to fruition and your new plan consists of one word, SURVIVE.
You think I must have GD in stitches if this is his sense of humor.

Being that my week has become a week filled with a pure need to survive, I am humbled to say I was inspired by my four year old.

As I was getting him ready for bed and telling him he needed to calm down and start going into bed time mode, he looked at me and said with all the beautiful innocence of a child.
"Mami I did everything today, I learned Torah and I colored."

WOW maybe it is really that simple I look up to GD and say; my plans may have changed on me, but look I took care of my children and I survived that truly is everything.
Laugh Away :-)


  1. love it. you echo all of our thoughts so beautifully.

  2. You should have been a writer, I love it and especially the name fortress around your heart.
    I am very proud
    Love you with all my heart,
    Be forever Wonderful as you are.

  3. Every time I read one of your post, I am amazed of the beauty and clarity in the way you write. It's like a book that you never want to end.
    Love you <3

  4. Love what he said! That's really all there is too it!