Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Quiet in Between the Storms

As I sip my morning coffee which by some miracle I'm drinking nice and hot for the second day in a row it dawns on me...before I was married with children I didn't enjoy the quiet moments.
It's not so much that I didn't "enjoy" them I think I just didn't realize how precious and wonderful they truly are.
As a single non parent you wake up in the morning, make your coffee decide what you'll wear for the day, then drink your coffee either sitting or on the go all the while oblivious to the wonderful silence that surrounds you. You proceed to take your car, subway train or preferred form of transportation while picking whatever music you may fancy that morning. Perhaps you will listen to a tune that's been stuck in your head or something to pump you up for the day ahead or just a song that makes you smile. Again oblivious to the luxury of it all... Once your day is done you get back into your transportation to go home or to meet friends and put that special song back on because it makes your happy so hey why not.

Then my friends you become a mother you wake up to the demands of your children, throw on whatever clothes is quickest or let's face it what fits your body that day, serve breakfast, throw together lunches in between the constant demands from what maybe the bossiest creatures on earth. In between all of this you make your coffee take a deep breathe and pray that you'll get to finish it before it gets cold. Dress the kids for school and get them into the car at which point you are very possibly dripping sweat, sit in your drivers seat count your children in your head just to make sure you didn't forget one (yes I really do this) Now you get to listen to your child's song choice of the day the very same song you will be honored with listening to for the rest of the day. You run around do as many errands as you can possibly squeeze in to the hours you have or take the child/children you have at home to do some form of activity so they don't go completely bonkers in the house. Throw them back into the car pick up missing child/children from school put them all back into the car, once again pouring sweat, count the kids, get home, make dinner, bath kids, clean up. Shower and get into bed as quickly as you can because if you fall asleep right away just maybe you can get in a few hours of undisturbed sleep.

All this being said when I get to drink my coffee Hot and in peace for two days in a row it is a small blessing, a beautiful moment I didn't know existed before I was a mother.
The silence in between the storms.

Enjoy your day


ps. no editing being that by the time I finish writing this e mail I have crying baby and two year old demanding grapes to deal with