Friday, November 4, 2011

You've got a friend in me

I wonder who the first friends were...

The best I can do is go in biblical order first came marriage (Adam & Chava) a pure relationship of one soul being split into two, which very quickly turned complicated. Then came siblings (cane & Abel) clearly flawed. The most popular friendship in Torah is Dovid and Yonatan an ideal relationship a love so pure that even in the face of controversy they remained loyal to each other.

It's interesting our family is who we are, the most important people in our lives. Family is the people that will be there for you and who you want to be there for through all, no matter what forever.
There is no question in my mind that there is no replacing family.

Still family is given to us.

A friend however is special in their own right. We choose them we get to know them, we let them get to know us and we decide to keep them anyway.
Friendship is hand picked. A loyal friend, a friend who knows you for better or worse and still loves you is a wonderful gift.

Friends help us laugh, listen to us cry and know us in a way only a friend can.

What a wonderful creation "The friend"

On that note I'd like to say thank you to all the friends out there who...don't judge, listen when we need to vent, hug us when we cry, shake us when we need a good shakIng and show up time and again loving us just the way we are :-)

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  1. some friendships age doesn't you.