Thursday, November 17, 2011

They've come to suck your blood

In my recent revisiting of my teenage years I watched a show about vampires, (laugh all you want, I can take it)
but when you watch things as an adult your thought process changes, just as everything else in the world changes as you become an adult, wife, mother... etc

As I drowned in vampire glory I found myself chuckling, what's so funny about a stupid vampire show you ask?
It's because I have decided that the creator of vampires must have been a nursing mother...

A vampire is a creature who sleeps by day and is up at night and physically sucks the life force right out of you.

It makes sense doesn't it! Babies completely exhaust us, they keep us up at night and suck us dry until we are left feeling totally devoid of energy.

Now here's the thing they start as babies, but just like vampires once you are a parent this feeling of exhaustion and drain, it lasts FOREVER, because they never tire and they just keep coming back for more.

Our children may be beautiful and smart and the best thing that ever happens to us, but let's be real here no matter how precious and wonderful they are...

They've come to suck your blood :-)


  1. I think when you have 3 its a little more tiring.
    Remember this post if you think about going to 4.
    And look at what happened to me when you go to 6.
    Everything in life has a price and you always get what you pay for. You may be tiered and sleepless and out of energy now but when you get older and your children give you Joy and happiness like you do for me.
    You get all your energy back and more when you really need it.
    take care of your self and take it one day or night at a time.
    Smile and show your fangs remember you too were a bloodsucker once.