Friday, December 9, 2011

Upside Down Universe!

So in the continuous battle to loose weight and get into shape, there is one main issue that I have thought of

As I fight to decide what to eat and to keep the things I shouldn't eat out of my mouth and as I push myself to the gym through the work out and then limp to my car...

This whole process is backwards:
When we are eating we are savoring what we are doing, we enjoy every bite, we laugh and share with others and marvel over flavor ,color and smell, but beware the monday morning quarterback. As we finish eating, enjoying our tasty treat the doom and gloom begins.
Oh I shouldn't have eaten that, or UCH now I feel sick etc.

However when we work out we don't wanna be there, we curse and mutter through the work out and try to keep ourselves from quitting or passing out.
Yet as soon as we finish we are on a high, we feel like a million bucks and are certain that yes we must endure this again.

So why I ask you can't it be the other way around?
Wouldn't it be easier to not want to eat, but have to in order for survival purposes and love, enjoy and crave working out?

Really it is so simple I say as I eat my steel cut oats and exhale while pulling my gym clothes out of my draw...

Just another day in this upside down universe.